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Offensive Halloween Costume Ideas: Why Should White People Have All the Fun?

Posted in Musings with tags , , , , , , , , , on October 28, 2011 by brucepoinsette

Racist costumes have become a hallmark of Halloween, especially on college campuses. Not long ago, I even remember running across an “Crips and Bloods Party” in my Facebook news feed. Students at Ohio University have chosen to start a campaign with posters saying, “This is not who I am and it is not okay.” However, a friend of mine suggested it might be more educational if we invited real Crips and Bloods to one of these events.

In the spirit of peace and snark, I came up with another solution, white stereotype costumes. If some white people are having so much fun with stereotypes then why should people of color not get to have a little fun too?

All it takes is a little creativity and you can have your very own offensive white costume. Just get some whiteface makeup and let your imagination and/or historical references flow.

Here are some ideas:

Police officer: Slutty cops and the dude from Reno 911 are pretty cliche at this point. Why not make it a little more realistic. You can use the same cop outfit you would find at any Target or Value Village. Just grab a plastic bag of sugar and make a “How to Fry a Nigger Manual” book cover to carry around with you.

Missionary: Surprisingly, the missionary doesn’t get that much play during Halloween. It’s easy to do too. The clothes can be wide ranging. What’s really important is that you have a Bible and dirty blanket.

Catholic Priest: Keeping with religion, the priest is more common, although quite tame on Halloween. To liven things up, just get a baby doll, preferably male, and make it into a hand puppet.

Overseer: The classic plantation overseer is another relatively simple costume idea. Find a derby, a button down shirt, some slacks and get a whip. If you want to make it more realistic, get a black female blow-up doll and decorate it with black eyes and red paint on the panties.

“I’m not racist but” kid: Getting back to current times, you could dress up as that person everyone knows, who will preface every offensive statement with, “I’m not racist but *insert the most racist thing you’ve ever heard here*”. Simply get a white t-shirt and write “I’m not racist but” with an arrow pointing to the back under it. Then on the back, feel free to write the most foul thing you can think of.

Hipster: Some people might wonder how a hipster could be offensive. If you live around the Portland area, you’ve probably noticed them quietly flooding formerly black neighborhoods like it’s nothing. To portray this image simply get some skinny jeans and whatever other tacky clothes you can find. To accentuate your costume, get some fried chicken and Alberta Street (or whatever historically black neighborhood is near you) mortgage papers.

“That” white girl at the club: If you’ve been out to the bar, club, or wherever to get your night life on then you’ve seen this person. Just get some regular hoe attire, a bottle of any hard liquor and a summer sausage in a glass jar.

Skinhead: If you want to add an addition to “that white girl”, try being her angry white supremacist boyfriend. Just get an orange jumpsuit, paint your hair to match the whiteface makeup and draw some Nazi tattoos on your neck. Perhaps even add some self inflicted bullet wounds.

Klansman: No negative white stereotype costume list would be complete without a Klansman. Just get a bed sheet, a rope to tie into a noose, a toy pony and a Bible. If you want to go all out, you could have your own version of those “Crips and Bloods Parties”. Simply invite every white person you know, burn some crosses and string up a black doll with one of the nooses. I think there use to be a word for these parties but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Oh yeah, a lynching.


For extra points, you could go beyond stereotypes and impersonate some historical characters:

Thomas Jefferson: All you need is a powder wig, some Revolutionary War reenactment attire and the aforementioned black blow up doll with black eyes and bloody panties.

J. Edgar Hoover: Just get a suit and a Martin Luther King mask. Instead of putting the mask on yourself, put it on a mannequin head to carry around with you. This will require some extensive forehead makeup.

Oliver North: This costume might be a little difficult because it will require some type of military outfit. Preferably one that resembles a high ranking officer. After you acquire that, get the same bag of sugar from the aforementioned police costume and you’ll be set.

Rick Perry: Lastly, you could imitate current events. Simply find a hunting outfit and tape the words “Property of Niggerhead Ranch” on the back of your vest.


Let Them Eat Each Other

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How do you sell products to a generation that doesn’t buy anything? As the Internet generation transitions into the workforce, we’re faced with the consequences of a rebellion many of us didn’t realize we were fighting.

We grew up being able to get music, movies, news and other media for free, whenever we wanted. Despite efforts by the music industry and others to push back, we’ve been able to successfully disrupt the system. Media executives have been virtually powerless to stop the creative, yet frugal youth.

In a sense, we are in a similar position to the freed slaves of the Haitian Revolution. We’ve used economic protest to take some power from the wealthy gatekeepers. However, these wealthy forces have found ways to retaliate and punish us for our newly found control.

In the case of Haitians, imperial powers like the French and U.S. imposed sanctions and/or refused to recognize them.

Our generation is facing massive unemployment and outsourcing of jobs.

One result has been an embrace of the arts, not just for fun but to help pay the bills and establish a career.

We are finding creativity and following our passions because we don’t have a stable alternative.

Whether you’re a writer, comic, poet, musician, etc., getting paid is a struggle. Most of us don’t have the mass marketing or distribution to reach all the people who might truly appreciate our product.

Not to mention, we’re a part of a piracy generation.

When I was at the University of Oregon, there were plenty of students with means who practiced urban scavenging, or freeganism, which is a yuppy word for dumpster diving.

How do we expect our peers to buy our art when they don’t even buy food?

It will only get worse when we become the establishment.

The next generation is only going to be crazier. Their schools are losing art and music programs due to budget cuts while the kids are being exposed to new technology without a context for creativity.

Our generation’s embrace of the arts will mean nothing if we’re marketing to youth consumers who couldn’t care less.

So how do we stave off this downward spiral?

We have to adapt our products to the needs of our communities and expand programs to teach youth the value of smart consumerism.

Young people are dying to express themselves in creative ways. We need more community art and recording studios as well as writing spaces. Perhaps if more of us get immersed in the media we consume then more people will understand the value of supporting it.

Also, people like to see benefits of their consumption. If we tie our businesses into our communities then it will motivate people to spend. There’s much more incentive to spend an extra dollar on a sandwich if the money is kicked back to your son or daughter’s school rather than some executive’s pocket in Chicago.

Reinvesting more money in the community also gives local businesses a better opportunity to hire residents. There’s a market for youth expression but people need money to support it in the first place.

Most importantly, young people need to be involved in decision making. We weren’t involved in the media decision making process and we responded by taking whatever we wanted. Once we become the establishment we will see the same happen to us if we don’t show the youth their proper respect.

Our generation revolutionized the media industry but if we’re not careful we’ll kill ourselves before we get the chance to reap the benefits.

“Fan” Mail

Posted in Musings with tags , , , , , , , on August 24, 2011 by brucepoinsette

As a bonus to “To Catch a Set Up” I wanted to share my favorite piece of “fan” mail I’ve ever received. If you don’t like my writing you’ll love this:

“Mr. Poinsette,
You are the most abysmally ignorant and racist black charlatan I’ve
ever encountered in Oregon! You embrace false Afrocentric “history”
while dismissing real, suppressed history. It isn’t blacks who are in
trouble as a race today, it is whites, and only whites. The Jewish
Zionists have nearly all the power. If you don’t see that, you’re blind
and biased to your rotten core.

First, blacks did NOT build the Pyramids! The Egyptians didn’t like the
Nubians to their south and allowed them into Egypt only as slaves.
Paintings show the Egyptians with white features, tho black hair, and
blacks as darker skinned, as slaves. Nubians had far less knowledge of
the science and technology of that day, in fact none, while the
Egyptians monopolized the engineering fields. Blacks couldn’t even
construct a house other than a crude hut. Are you kidding? You’ve
absorbed the tripe from our lying, inferiority-complexed racist black
professors, like Cornel West and many others. Shame on you! The wall at
Zimbabwe was built by Arabs, not by blacks. Blacks didn’t even develop
a written alphabet on their own. Are you kidding?

L’Ouverture was nothing more than a mass murderer! The evil Dessalines
was perhaps even worse. In 1805, these devils murdered EVERY French
person, down to the last sweet white baby, on San Domingo in 1805! Are
you that racist to initimate that these two murderers were heroes?
BLACK GENOCIDE against whites occurred! This foul history has been
erased from the history books ONLY because of political correctness,
making blacks look like the natural genocidists they have shown, in
Africa as in Haiti.

The slave trade was conducted by Jews who owned 95% of the ships and
distilled the liquor given to African tribal chiefs in exchange for the
captured soldiers from their endless tribal wars. Facts! Read the
Nation of Islam’s excellently researched book ‘The Secret Relationship
between Blacks and Jews.’

There is no “rich and empowering history of black people” because of my
aforementioned statement that they never developed a written alphabet
to RECORD such history. Get it right, black racist!

The Black Panthers of the Sixties were nothing more than murderers and
drug dealers. Their morning program to feed breakfast to black children
is beans compared to their other vicious activities. Get it right!

You conveniently overlook black violence against whites. According to
reliable FBI crime index statistics, for every act of violence by a
white against a black, 25, TWENTY-FIVE, acts of black violence against
whites occurs! The Zionist media suppresses this damning information.
Black-on-white violence is epidemic and unaddressed in today’s sick

I have first-hand knowledge of black violence, as an innocent white who
happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time in two big U.S.
cities. I was beaten up ONLY because I am white! You haven’t the
internal goodness of heart to empathize with me and countless other
whites so victimized. Shame on you! Your mind is so full of delusions
and falsity it can hardly be measured. You are an intellectual fraud, a
phony, a simpleton.

Why not get your facts straight before you open your foul mouth about
history you know nothing of. You contribute to worse race relations,
not better ones. You see reality in terms of your own prejudices, which
is to distort reality. You have zero credibility with those who view
life objectively, not subjectively as you do. Shame on you!”

To the anonymous person that wrote this, thank you for letting me know I’m doing my job. Without your hate I might’ve quit a long time ago.

It’s imperative that people know their history, considering forces like this are lurking behind their computers and trying to keep 1800s white supremacist thought alive. As comical as these people may be, some people only get their education from them.

Share your knowledge. Educated discourse is the best defense against ignorance.