The Bailout or the Bullet

I’ve figured out how black people can get some stimulus money. No red tape. No job training. Just pick up an AK-47, make a “Death to America” video and join your nearest international extremist organization.

Scoff all you want but our military has given $360 million to the Taliban.

That pales in comparison to the $550 million we spent on military operations (doesn’t include humanitarian aid and other logistics) in Libya as of July. Never mind that one of the rebel leaders was an associate of Osama bin Laden and spent six years in Guantanamo Bay.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has already said the cost of war in Libya will well exceed the predicted amount of $750 million. Consider that there were 35,000-40,000 volunteers, but only 1,000 trained men by March 23.

In comparison, Portland Public Schools, which serves 47,000 students, approved a budget of $681,185,950 for the coming school year.

The black unemployment rate is still almost 16 percent. It’s nearly 40 percent for young blacks. More and more black banks are going into the red for choosing not to push subprime loans on their people.

Meanwhile, an Obama insider maintains that criticism from black leaders is “bullshit”.

Maybe Obama is trying to tell us something? All signs are pointing to a war on black people, or at least the ones not on his payroll/voluntary gag order (What’s up Al Sharpton).

Obama’s buddies in the media, Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey, have spared no expense labeling black men with a platform who speak out “Uncle Toms”. Meanwhile Obama gives support and jobs to the people that screwed our communities the most during the financial crisis.

It only gets worse when we consider where we’re throwing our money overseas.

The Libyan rebels have been persecuting blacks and justifying it by calling them the newest codeword for nigger, “(Muammar) Gaddafi supporters”.¬† They’ve done their best to replicate the Sudan, all with the US media’s blessing.

Despite all of Gaddafi’s faults, and their are plenty of quite horrible ones, he has expressed black appreciation. Even this was dragged through the mud when the rebels allegedly stumbled upon a Condoleeza Rice photo album in his compound (Ever notice that whenever the CIA raids a house, whether it be Allende’s, Noriega’s, or bin Laden’s, they always seem to find drugs and porn? What are the chances that their anti-black interns would find a creepy photo album of Condi?).

A recent survey, reported in Slate, says black Muslims are more likely to be terrorists. Hasn’t the FBI done enough to recruit (entrap) blacks for terrorism already?

How many more not-so-subtle hints are we going to get that the US is trying to steer us away?

The hood robbers on Capitol Hill have taken money from schools and affordable jobs programs and spent it on invading Africa. We’re told to shut up and suffer every day on the news while our government gives more support to our enemies than the black people living within its borders.

It’s only fitting they would get a black President to break the news we’re being let go.

Like any firing, we’ve been given the option of a severance package. This one includes weapons training, ducking lessons and most importantly, a one way trip back to Africa or wherever we’d feel comfortable having our children bombed.


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