The Guardian Reports Black Brits Worse off than 1985

Check out this story on The Guardian discussing how the condition for black Britons is worse than it was in 1985. Since the beginning of the London riots, which started after a black man named Mark Duggan (who the police claimed shot first but ballistic tests later found the bullet he supposedly fired was police issue) was shot to death by police, voices have tried to bring the plight of blacks to the forefront of discussion. Not surprisingly, these discussions have been lost in the “gang” and “criminal” rhetoric. The most shocking example of this willful ignorance came when the BBC interviewed writer Darcus Howe and belittled his thoughts on what he deemed as an insurrection rather than a random riot. After massive sharing of the clip and appearances on other media outlets, BBC was forced to apologize to Howe. Nonetheless, senseless violence between communities has broken out and rioters are being prosecuted while authorities and oppressive police officers continue to walk free.


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