Shooting Crabs in a Barrel with a Kalashnikov

I thought I was having an 80s flashback when I heard U.S. tax dollars were going to the Taliban. It’s 2011 right? Perhaps we’re taking this Reagan worship thing a little too far.

At least in the 80s we could defend funding and training them because it was to take out the Russians. After all, what could be worse than “godless Communists” right?

Then in the 90s it just seemed like the nice thing to do after all the Taliban’s help. What’s the worst that could happen?

Even in early 2001 as well as following 9/11 we could say, “How were we supposed to know?”

But in 2011? I thought I was watching an R. Kelly video. It’s as if Obama came out and said, “You know usually I don’t do this but… go on ahead and keep this war going.”

For anyone that thought the U.S. has lost the spirit of its founding fathers, you know, the guys that were crazy enough to kick the British empire out over taxes, I think this is a resounding, “Not yet.”

It’s like we have so many guns (the U.S. spends more on the military than the next 17 countries combined) that sometimes we just need to make things interesting. Remember Operation Fast and Furious?

Amazingly, the story gets better.

Apparently the support came from four of our prime contractors. If you’ve never read Niccolo Machiavelli’s “The Prince”, or any history for that matter, there’s a fairly consistent trend where empires fall once they start depending on mercenaries.

That in this case, our mercenary contractors were arming the Taliban makes this almost too easy. It’s like shooting crabs in a barrel with a Kalashnikov.

Speaking of which, have you ever googled Mikhail Kalashnikov? The man once told Reuters, “When I see Bin Laden with his AK-47, I got nervous. But what can I do, terrorists aren’t fools: they too chose the most reliable guns.”

I wish we could have gun commercials on TV. Just one time I’d love to see, “Kalashnikov. Even terrorists ain’t fools.”

What does it say when the Afghan terrorists’ weapon of choice was invented by a Russian? Probably the same thing as still funding the Taliban in 2011.


3 Responses to “Shooting Crabs in a Barrel with a Kalashnikov”

  1. Thank you for a great post.

  2. matt laclear Says:

    Good points

  3. […] controversial money to achieve a movement’s aims is nothing new. The US armed and trained the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in order to expel the Soviets from Afghanistan in the 80s. To say these […]

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