This Ras Kass track goes at religion as well as our former president George W. Bush. It’s classic Ras Kass, filled with witty, abrasive and thought provoking bars. He even has the stones to rhyme over a Christian sample and cite Bible verses. Whether you love it or vehemently hate it, B.I.B.L.E. will give you plenty to discuss.

Here are some stand out bars:

“I pay my tides to the liquor store. Make my offering when I dick a whore. I’m George Bush trying to pick a war.”

“Please don’t tell me I’m gonna get reprimanded when Christians can’t even follow their first couple of commandments.”

“And Kanye said Jesus walks. That’s probably because a black man can’t catch a cab in New York.”

“In God We Trust. At least that’s what my dollar say. That’s probably why poor people never get a holiday.”

“And organized religions divide and deceive. One god. One love. The true path to be free.”

“And you want democracy? Then when Iraqi people vote, Cheney and Bush say ‘Fuck no.’ ”

“I guess one man freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist. Like traitors to England, heroes to Americans. Shhh our phones our getting tapped as we speak. Breaking the Foreign Surveillance Act might get dude impeached.”


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